Consider using a Travel Consultant

Consider using a Travel Consultant

Consider using a Travel Consultant
Consider using a Travel Consultant

A few of the many reasons why you should consider using a travel consultant.

There are thousands of websites available for the travel savvy vacationer, you will visit at least 30 in your search, but have they ever visited your chosen destination? Are the websites photos recent and do they accurately depict the destination? Can the websites recommend fun activities and festivals available during your travel dates? Can they help you plan your destination wedding, honeymoon, or family gathering? Can they help you choose the proper travel protection? Can they help you if you’re on vacation and something happens? I doubt it…

A travel consultant generally has first hand knowledge and connections with suppliers that can be valuable to you…

Your Travel Consultant will….

1. Listen to your likes and dislikes concerning your previous vacations and help you plan for your next.
2. Help you choose the right destination for you and your occasion.
3. Find accommodations that fit your budget and needs.
4. Make destination wedding arrangements.
5. Arrange accommodations for groups, small or large.
6. Provide firsthand knowledge of the destination.
7. Recommend the best restaurants.
8. Suggest the best travel dates to avoid expensive peak season pricing.
9. Arrange transfers or car rentals.
10. Recommend fun tours and activities.
11. Help each member of your group with their individual needs.
12. Take the stress off your shoulders and create the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones.

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